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Kids Voting Ohio Program Curriculum

The Program Curriculum includes lessons and activities for 3rd - 12th grade around voting, civics, government and history. All the provided lessons and activities are aligned with the Ohio's Social Studies Learning Standards and Model Curriculum. The curriculum is FREE to anyone, even if your school is not registered for Kids Voting Ohio. A login is required to access the curriculum.


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Diversity and Inclusion Resources 


Disclaimer: Voter participation in Ohio is lowest among people of color and people with disabilities. These are optional resources for educators. 

Project-Based Learning Opportunities

Civic Action Project - Brought to you by the Constitutional Rights Foundation

  • ​CAP is a free project-based learning curriculum for civics and government from the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF). Think of it as a culmination of students’ social studies education, a chance for them to apply what they have learned to the real world and impact an issue that matters to them. Students could select issues related to school, community, or even national or global issues. CAP students identify an issue or problem that matters to them, connect it to public policy, then take “civic actions” to try to impact their selected issue/problem. 

  • There are two versions of CAP one for middle school and one for high school students and classrooms.

  • To learn more and access the program curriculum visit their website or contact Sarah Badawi with any questions. 

Erase the Space 

  • ​Erase the Space is a non-profit organization formed by Derek Burtch, an English teacher at Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell, Ohio, and Amelia Gordon, a former English teacher at Columbus South High School in Columbus, Ohio.

  • This program facilitates a year-long writing exchange between respective classrooms in order to help repair public discourse. Students write letters and opinion pieces, communicate via Twitter and gChat, and ultimately meet in person. Working in teams, students develop an idea to get teenagers from different backgrounds and areas of our city together authentically to have a discourse on problems facing their community. Their focus for the past two years has been the segregation of Columbus.

  • Erase the Space is designed for high school students and classrooms but has recently expanded to elementary and middle school levels.

  • To learn more you can visit their website or contact their co-founder Derek Burtch 


Middle School Civility Project - Brought to you by the Ohio Center for Law Related Education (OCLRE)

  • These lessons and activities are designed to help students to gain knowledge and skills to start a Service Learning Project in their school or community. Students will document research, guest speaker notes, field trip notes. Students/classes that use these lessons are strongly encouraged to utilize OCLRE's  Youth For Justice Program to showcase the work they have done to benefit the community. 

  • This project is designed for middle school students and classrooms.

  • For more information visit the OCLRE website.

Kids Voting Ohio Teacher Support 

We offer various programs, resources, and assistance for our educators. These include teacher training sessions, a teacher support page to submit feedback, questions and suggestions, assistance in organizing field trips and getting speakers to your classroom, open, monthly zoom sessions for new and participating educators (Fall 2021), and opportunities for educators to get involved in KVO leadership. Please visit ​our teacher support page to for more information. 

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