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Our Advisory Committee is committed to ensure that Kids Voting Ohio is successfully implemented, accessible to all, and provides resources and opportunities for all Ohio Students.

The Kids Voting Ohio Advisory Committee

Antionette Miranda

Board Member

Ohio State Board of Education District 6


Carolyn Everidge-Frey 

Executive Director, Center for Teaching, Leading and Learning

Ohio Department of Education


Sherry Birchem

Director, Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies

Ohio Department of Education 


Melvin Brown 


Reynoldsburg City Schools 

Jen Miller

Executive Director

League of Women Voters of Ohio

Linda McKean 

Social Studies Education Consultant

Ohio Department of Education 

Colleen Moiudu 

Executive Director 

Westerville Education Foundation 


Joy McKarns 

8th Grade ELA Teacher 

Northmont City Schools 

Kate Strickland 

Executive Director 

Ohio Center for Law Related Education 


Suzanne Helmick 

Executive Director (1999-2008)

Kids Voting Ohio

Sarah Ries 

Marketing Specialist 

Office of the Ohio Secretary of State

Our Staff

Kids Voting Advisory Committee

Michael Collins 

Executive Director 

Michael Collins has been involved and invested in Ohio education and students for decades. Mr. Collins Served on the Westerville City School Board and the Ohio State Board of Education. Currently, Mr. Collins is the president of an education policy consulting firm, The Michael Collins Group, located in central Ohio.

"Kids Voting Ohio is the new version of the non-partisan civic education program that has been entirely revamped to fit the 2020's perspective and voting practices for students of this era."

Email Mike at

Matina Bliss

Program Director

Matina Bliss is an advocate for youth education and youth engagement. Matina Graduated from Ohio State University in 2019 and began her career in education policy at The Michael Collins Group. Ms. Bliss considers voter and civic education necessary for a thriving democracy and society.

"Kids Voting Ohio will offer students a pathway to life long voting habits and deep-rooted community and civic engagement."


Email Matina at

Kids Voting Stakeholder Group



Shannon Hardin 

President of Columbus City Council

John O'Grady

Franklin County Commissioner 

Colleen Moidu 

Executive Director, Westerville Education Foundation 

Teri Morgan 

Senior Deputy Director of Board and Management Services, Ohio School Boards Association

Julie Davis 

Executive Director, Ohio Elementary Principal's Association

Melvin Brown 

Superintendent, Reynoldsburg City Schools

Antionette Miranda 

District 6 State School Board Member

Elizabeth Kirby 

Superintendent, Cleveland Heights-University Heights 

Patricia Collins Murdock

Executive Director, Ohio Education Association 

Jerry Rampelt 

Education Consultant 

Suzette Heller

Executive Director, American Legion 

Laurie Gatton

Franklin County Youth at the Booth Coordinator 

Sarah Ries

Marketing Specialist, Ohio Secretary of State's Office

Carolyn Everidge-Frey

Executive Director, Center for Teaching, Leading and Learning at the Ohio Department of Education

Stephanie Schlegel

Associate Director of Student Services at the Education Services Center

Sara Stiffler

Manager of Civic Education Outreach Programs for the Supreme Court of Ohio

Kate Strickland 

Executive Director, Ohio Center for Law Related Education 

Charlie Myers

Executive Director, Ohio YMCAYouth and Government 

Jen Miller

Executive Director, League of Women Voters Ohio

Linda McKean

Social Studies Consultant, Ohio Department of Education

Aaron Ockerman 

Executive Director, Ohio Association of Election Officials

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